Monday, 3 October 2016

1st Weigh IN! gulp 1/50

First weigh in: - (yes MINUS) 3lbs


Well, I hear you say, that's not much for a first week weigh in! Ok, ok, I thought that myself, but then I remembered I have been on a "diet" for the most of this year/life, so my body is used to the reduced calories. However, this week I can proudly say I have stayed bang on my "allowance" 5 out of 7 days! That's pretty amazing for this little Fat Fox.

Moving forward this week I want to make that 6 out of 7. Now, in black & white so has to be done!

Last night I made a humongous pan of veggie soup, mushed it all up, added chili and its now in 500ml tubs in the fridge ready for those craving moments.  

Cravings..... oh yes, aWHOLEnother subject matter, one for a later post/rant. 

gimme gimme gimme

well, that's the first weigh in over with, I'm now on a count down to next Fcon (Fantasy Convention) so 1/50 done.

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  1. Weight loss is a slow process. If you lost a bunch, I would be concerned for your health. Slow and steady...we got your back, Vix!