Sunday, 9 October 2016

2nd Weigh In - Double gulp!! 2/50

Well this week I have really pushed myself to see what exercise I CAN do.......

I was disappointed to find I cannot yet do 2/3 of my (much loved) Body Balance DVD, nor can I go beyond the "warm up" of my other two exercise DVDs - which is rather shameful BUT I need to remember that this is the start of my life change; so now I have goals!

felt fed up :(

That said I did manage to walk 10K steps, and then some, every day this week; to say I'm chuffed to bits with myself would be an understatement. My hips and knees hurt, and I managed to get two blisters but I kept at it!!


Ok, Ok, stop waffling and give us the lb loss I here you screaming (whoops still just me, lol) 
drum roll pls......

Drum Roll.....

4.5lbs, yes!  thats a total of 7.5lbs!!
I did move my butt lots more than usual this week, plus I got more into the food/portion aspect! 
I also worked out my end goal: I want to lose 110lbs

 7.5lbs vs 102.5lbs   

I have a GOAL!!!

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