Sunday, 16 October 2016

3rd Weigh In......3/50

4th week of "life challenge" and 3rd weigh in....
Its been an odd week, meals out, meals in,  baking & night shifts.
I didnt feel entirely in control this week with my food intake, I had some serious craving issues this week which just reminds me that I need to deal with some food demons at some point in this journey.

So on with the weigh in.....

Drum roll......


10lbs vs 100lbs!

Still a few night shifts in this run to deal with but feeling confident generally, which is unusal at this stage of "dieting" usually I would have lost interst by now. BUT I have yet to stay the same or even have a (shock, gasp) gain. 

This weeks forward thinking thoughts?  I just want to get through til Friday to be honest :(

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