Monday, 24 October 2016

4th weigh in..... 4/50

Morning all!

So, its Monday morning, again! Seems to roll around really fast, or maybe I am just getting old!

Last week was weird as so many night shifts that I missed my walking target on many days, but I actually did more than last week!

I think the combo' of reduced/counted calories and the exercise is really working for me, I still feel very focused and I am also enjoying nobody being aware what I am doing, well those physcially around me at least!

Strange thing to say you might think, but a few years ago I lost about 3stone and the pressure from the constant "how you doing", "should you be eating that" plus a bit of unwanted attention was too much for me and I soon ran back under my rock and stuffed my face with hobnobs :(

The weight loss currently does not show, so I guess its safe for now!

Anyway, enough waffle and on to the main event!

I lost 3lbs :)

13lbs vs 97lbs

I broke the 100lbs barrier and am very close to my first stone so I am doubly pleased this week!

Onwards and downwards.

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