Monday, 31 October 2016

5th weigh in..... 5/50!

Wow, over a month now! but something had to give &/or rear its ugly head, funny enough it was Halloween "weekend"; tonnes of naughty food around, and chock full of hormones, I could not resist :(

After licking and tasting all the food for the feast on Saturday night you would think I would be stuffed, but when Hubby suggested lunch at the pub I didnt really put up a fight. I blame the rampant hormones, that for some reason, always make me just want to stuff my face, usually with chips and chocolate, never with lettuce!

The Halloween Feast for my friends went really well, but again I ended up not really paying attention to what I was eating and therefore could not calorie count it :(

The disaster carried on into Sunday as we prepare for three weeks of decorating and were clearing up from last night, and of course, finishing up all the left overs from last night.

I'm glad all the "naughty" food has now gone and I made my wonderful veggie soup again last night, however, after all the stuffing this weekend, and as the hormones continue to mess with my head and cravings, I am not really looking forward to this week, or next weeks weigh in for that matter.
So a sad little fox this week I'm afraid...... but it will pass and this is a "life change" not a diet.... 

Anyway, the weigh in this morning was a good one and I lost....


14.5 vs 95.5

see you for midweek update :)

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