Sunday, 2 October 2016

A New Beginning.....

And so it begins.....
My catalyst for starting this blog?  I got home from Fcon#16 with a sad face and a heavy heart. 

rounder and rounder

I had not pigged out over the weekend (mostly due to the lack of available food!), but I had shied away from every camera pointed my way. Now this is not a new thing :(
Sadly big chunks of my life are "missing" as apparently I was never there!  Holidays, family get togethers, school reunions and days out..... I am always the one who takes the photo, never the one in front of the lens having fun!

cute, but fat!
I wasn't always big, in fact I was a cute teenager, a sexy 20something, and even into my 30s I was considered cuddly but cute, sadly my food demons (probably discussed later sometime) and "life" have got the better of me and here I am heading for 50 - unfit, very fat and definitely unhappy with myself.

food food food!
SOOOOO, what has changed you ask! (well, I ask myself actually as this blog seem rhetorical at this point in time as its only ME here!) 
Well lots, but nothing I feel comfy talking about in the open just yet (watch this space)
BUT I do know I have to change..... my eating, my exercise, my inner voice, etc etc
I have a diet/exercise pompom cheer leading King, who will check in on me every week post weighing in; so now I can't let them down. 
My Hero! and conscience! 
So in this public arena, for all to see (who wish too!) I am going to weigh each week (Monday), maybe post a picture every once in a while, put up a receipe that I have found and loved/loathed for the week and try to just waffle on and do some cathartic therapy!

Will it work, I hope so - will it be pleasant, I doubt it!

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  1. I am here for you, buddy. These journey's are a one-step-at-a-time ordeal. I adore you and wnat you to be happy AND healthy. That should be your motivation, not anything else. You do this for YOU and I will be here cheering you on!