Friday, 7 October 2016

Life back to normal...... almost

So, this week I went back to work post Fcon16 and a family incident, both big stressors where I would normally stuff myself silly! Instead I took the opportunity to change my life, hopefully for good!

That said it was still a traumatic week; with two family members suffering health issues with lots of hospital visits and then I found myself back at work for Long Days (LD) on Thursday and today - thats 13hr shifts with just a packed lunch!

HUGE temptations and excuses to eat at work!
Biscuits, chocolates, bacon sandwiches, sugar laden coffee drinks and mega stresses.

Apart from a slight slip up on the Thursday morning, all accounted for in the calories over the day, I have managed my way through these two days, with lessons.

The first one to work on is planning more in my "lunch" box, which is actually my breakfast, lunch & dinner box to prevent me snacking on naughty things and stay within my calorie allowance.

Secondly, to actually plan little "treats" through the day, be that a zero can of pop or a low cal biscuit!

Now I know this is an expensive way to buy biscuits (and these are NOT lowcal) but until I have some self discipline these are perfect! just two biscuits per little packet!   

I have also changed from having a "big" dinner when I get home to just having a huge bowl of veggie soup instead; so far its been very satisfying and has minimal calories!! (win/win)

So onwards to the weekend, usually I work but I have this one off, so Hubby and I are planning on going dancing (planning, he may not be up to it!) 

See you guys (ok, just me!) on Monday for 2nd weigh in - gulp!!

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