Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Mid week check in..... hit the snooze button pleeeease

Its Thursday morning and tonight I do my final night shift for four days, its been a slog as work is stressful and snack laden. So far I have avoided pizza, chinese and cookies!


At 4am the last thing I feel like eating is a tuna salad (of course, pizza easily slides down!) but as I tend to swap my day to night when doing long runs of night shifts, thats the time I would normally be eating "lunch"!!

So over the last five nights I have found out that actually snacking is the way for me to go!
In my food box tonight will be Marmite mini rice cakes, frazzles (sooo bad but yummy), crackerbread and triangle low fat cheese,  mango, chopped carrots Marmite (for dipping!), and then these little things that I found in the shop today!

Can you see a theme here! I have overloaded on the Marmite a bit, but I LOVE it!!
I usually have it on toast, which I could live on singularly for the rest of my life happily, but its not the bread thats the issue but the 1/2" of butter I also like on it :(
THAT is a craving I must get out of.....

Now to the yawning stage, there is something about night shifts that make you want to crawl into bed the minute you get home....... see you all for Monday weigh in!!

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