Thursday, 13 October 2016

Mid week falters.....

Monday I was bouncing all day from my weigh in result and it really showed as I did over 15k steps.... However, Tuesday I was on a study day in London and was subjected to sitting on my butt all day and plates of biscuits and croissants passing in front of me constantly.

Now, thankfully, I don't like pastries but the odd choccy biccie did pass my lips :( 

Whoops :(

Yesterday I did my practice run for the Halloween meal which meant lots of baking and tasting, think I ate half my days cals just in spoon licking :(

That said, I was so busy serving and chatting with my test subjects that night that I didn't actually eat much at dinner, but I was sad to see my step count was down again, despite feeling worn out at the end of the night.


My triad of diet doom ends tonight when we go out with our Quiz Gang friends to a local pubs new menu food tasting evening - aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh

nom nom nom 

At 9am I am full of good intentions but........ watch this space I guess!

Tommorow I go into a run of 5 nights, not done any night shifts since coming back from Fcon so will be "interesting" to see how I cope, its usually a danger zone for food and I will miss out on my nightly walk around the block.

Onwards and downwards!!

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