Monday, 7 November 2016

6th weigh in...... trust is the issue

At the start of this week I was all ready, pumped even, post Halloween weekend pig out to start a fresh and so glad I had even lost weight.

However, come Wedensday I thought I would have a cheeky step on the scales only to be horrified to say it had gone up by 5lbs!!!

This is it, I thought.... pay back for the weekend and now the slipperly slope to stopping weight loss.

All day Wedensday I felt dispondant and try as I may to stick to my calorie count I found myself comfort eating and then angry eating.... 

Thursday and Friday were pretty much the same, but I also pushed myself to walk like a demon and even put on my headphones and danced like a demented chicken in my darkned room where no one could see me....

THAT felt good, because on Saturday morning I woke up, refreshed and ready to rock!!  I walked my "charity" dog (The Cinnamon Trust) and felt SO darn good about things that I made fresh soup, walked into town (twice!) and really enjoyed eating planned food. 

I was prepared this morning to still see a slight gain, prayed to the diet demons for even a maintain - imagine my surprise to see a LOSS!!! 

I lost 3lbs this week!

I can only think that the Wedensday sneeky weigh in was a glitch! so, I have learnt my lesson! no more mid week weigh ins!

Onwards and Downwards!

                              17.5 vs 92.5

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