Monday, 14 November 2016

7th Weigh In..... in shock

Its been a rough week, had a few really down moments and a few surprises. 

I lost a valued friend this week, normally this would have sent me into a tail spin, but I expressed my hurt in exercise instead, it was actually quite cathartic.

We have been moving our house around this week too, we have a new carpet coming, who ever had that bright idea of  doing the lounge, hallway, stairs and kitchen ALL at once needs shooting !!

The house is in turmoil and I cant get to the freezer, nor am I "alive" enough to cook..... 

With that in mind we went to the local cafe for a brunch and little piggies that we are, we ordered the Big Breakfast! two of everything basically!

I only managed to eat half!! and not even that as was bloated, I knew to stop at that point, normally I would carry on for either the taste, not wanting to waste food or my personal favourite "I may never eat again"...... 

BUT something seems to have worked....

I lost 3.5lbs!!

21  vs 89

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