Monday, 5 December 2016

10th weigh in... xmas is coming!

What a mad week!!

and so begins the seemingly endless round of food, drinks and parties in the lead up to Xmas.

Am very pleased with myself this week, as counter balanced all the naughty food (FOUR!) nights with good days which gave me an brilliant result this morning. 

I am changing my focus slightly for the next couple of weeks and just aiming to maintain, that in itself is a challange for me.  
a. to not feel let down by staying the same 
b. to balance the good/bad food and eating 
c. not to over eat 
d. to not feel guilty and then eat everything!!

I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a fantastic year and I want to enter into it in a FABULOUS mood..... 


I am very happy to announce...... I stayed the SAME!!!

22.5 vs 8.5

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