Monday, 12 December 2016

weigh in No.11 .... wont be long now!!

So its week 11! wowzer where has the time gone.....

I have really relaxed this week, knowing my goal was just to maintain, this has allowed me some hunger vs comfort eating focus time...... my mouth is often bored when my stomach is not hungry!! and weirdly, I have had periods of extreme tummy rumbles but as I was busy did not feel the need to eat....  I need to reflect on these things.

Eating for comfort or due to an emotion, mainly anger, frustration or the old chest nut of it "tasting nice" so have some more!! is something I really need to work on in the New Year.

with New Year approaching I have been thinking about goals, promises and plans.
This is my plan for next weeks blog, to have a list of targets etc.

So, anyway - how did i do this week!......

I actually LOST 2lbs!!!

24 vs 86

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