Monday, 31 October 2016

5th weigh in..... 5/50!

Wow, over a month now! but something had to give &/or rear its ugly head, funny enough it was Halloween "weekend"; tonnes of naughty food around, and chock full of hormones, I could not resist :(

After licking and tasting all the food for the feast on Saturday night you would think I would be stuffed, but when Hubby suggested lunch at the pub I didnt really put up a fight. I blame the rampant hormones, that for some reason, always make me just want to stuff my face, usually with chips and chocolate, never with lettuce!

The Halloween Feast for my friends went really well, but again I ended up not really paying attention to what I was eating and therefore could not calorie count it :(

The disaster carried on into Sunday as we prepare for three weeks of decorating and were clearing up from last night, and of course, finishing up all the left overs from last night.

I'm glad all the "naughty" food has now gone and I made my wonderful veggie soup again last night, however, after all the stuffing this weekend, and as the hormones continue to mess with my head and cravings, I am not really looking forward to this week, or next weeks weigh in for that matter.
So a sad little fox this week I'm afraid...... but it will pass and this is a "life change" not a diet.... 

Anyway, the weigh in this morning was a good one and I lost....


14.5 vs 95.5

see you for midweek update :)

Thursday, 27 October 2016

into week 5

Week 5 and things are going well.
I discovered a favourite receipe this week.....

Whole cauliflower
Medium carrot
Chicken thigh or breast
chilli flakes or fresh
chicken "stock pot"

  • Take the whole head of cauliflower and chop into "rice", then microwave for 20mins
  • Cook the chicken piece and then shred finely
  • Frylite the chopped onion, pepper (colour of your choice) and medium carrot
  • Once the cauliflower has gone ding add this to the mix and sprinkle on some chilli flakes to taste
  • Add the chicken "stock pot" and mix in the shredded chicken.
  • enjoy!

This did me a dinner and lunch at work the next day, it was satisfying, low cal/fat and totally yummy!!

I have struggled a bit with mood and motivation this week but think this is hormonal (darn ovaries!) so I have indulged in fun sized chocolate bars, mostly twix and malteasers as they satisfy the chocolate and crunch that I have been craving.  Normally I would chow down on half a pack of hobnobs so changes are occuring, plus I have not given in to those craving demons and gone wild, at least not yet, this week!

Moving into the weekend I am hosting a Halloween dinner party!  I will be staying away from the starter of dips n chips, have made low fat meat balls and even purchased a low sugar sorbet for pudding!!!  Go me!!  pictures to follow next weigh in :)

Although this was my "guacamole vomiting pumpkin" from practice night a couple of weeks ago!! 

(of course ALL I see is double chin!)

See you all for Monday weigh in......  :)

Monday, 24 October 2016

4th weigh in..... 4/50

Morning all!

So, its Monday morning, again! Seems to roll around really fast, or maybe I am just getting old!

Last week was weird as so many night shifts that I missed my walking target on many days, but I actually did more than last week!

I think the combo' of reduced/counted calories and the exercise is really working for me, I still feel very focused and I am also enjoying nobody being aware what I am doing, well those physcially around me at least!

Strange thing to say you might think, but a few years ago I lost about 3stone and the pressure from the constant "how you doing", "should you be eating that" plus a bit of unwanted attention was too much for me and I soon ran back under my rock and stuffed my face with hobnobs :(

The weight loss currently does not show, so I guess its safe for now!

Anyway, enough waffle and on to the main event!

I lost 3lbs :)

13lbs vs 97lbs

I broke the 100lbs barrier and am very close to my first stone so I am doubly pleased this week!

Onwards and downwards.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Mid week check in..... hit the snooze button pleeeease

Its Thursday morning and tonight I do my final night shift for four days, its been a slog as work is stressful and snack laden. So far I have avoided pizza, chinese and cookies!


At 4am the last thing I feel like eating is a tuna salad (of course, pizza easily slides down!) but as I tend to swap my day to night when doing long runs of night shifts, thats the time I would normally be eating "lunch"!!

So over the last five nights I have found out that actually snacking is the way for me to go!
In my food box tonight will be Marmite mini rice cakes, frazzles (sooo bad but yummy), crackerbread and triangle low fat cheese,  mango, chopped carrots Marmite (for dipping!), and then these little things that I found in the shop today!

Can you see a theme here! I have overloaded on the Marmite a bit, but I LOVE it!!
I usually have it on toast, which I could live on singularly for the rest of my life happily, but its not the bread thats the issue but the 1/2" of butter I also like on it :(
THAT is a craving I must get out of.....

Now to the yawning stage, there is something about night shifts that make you want to crawl into bed the minute you get home....... see you all for Monday weigh in!!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

3rd Weigh In......3/50

4th week of "life challenge" and 3rd weigh in....
Its been an odd week, meals out, meals in,  baking & night shifts.
I didnt feel entirely in control this week with my food intake, I had some serious craving issues this week which just reminds me that I need to deal with some food demons at some point in this journey.

So on with the weigh in.....

Drum roll......


10lbs vs 100lbs!

Still a few night shifts in this run to deal with but feeling confident generally, which is unusal at this stage of "dieting" usually I would have lost interst by now. BUT I have yet to stay the same or even have a (shock, gasp) gain. 

This weeks forward thinking thoughts?  I just want to get through til Friday to be honest :(

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Mid week falters.....

Monday I was bouncing all day from my weigh in result and it really showed as I did over 15k steps.... However, Tuesday I was on a study day in London and was subjected to sitting on my butt all day and plates of biscuits and croissants passing in front of me constantly.

Now, thankfully, I don't like pastries but the odd choccy biccie did pass my lips :( 

Whoops :(

Yesterday I did my practice run for the Halloween meal which meant lots of baking and tasting, think I ate half my days cals just in spoon licking :(

That said, I was so busy serving and chatting with my test subjects that night that I didn't actually eat much at dinner, but I was sad to see my step count was down again, despite feeling worn out at the end of the night.


My triad of diet doom ends tonight when we go out with our Quiz Gang friends to a local pubs new menu food tasting evening - aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh

nom nom nom 

At 9am I am full of good intentions but........ watch this space I guess!

Tommorow I go into a run of 5 nights, not done any night shifts since coming back from Fcon so will be "interesting" to see how I cope, its usually a danger zone for food and I will miss out on my nightly walk around the block.

Onwards and downwards!!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

2nd Weigh In - Double gulp!! 2/50

Well this week I have really pushed myself to see what exercise I CAN do.......

I was disappointed to find I cannot yet do 2/3 of my (much loved) Body Balance DVD, nor can I go beyond the "warm up" of my other two exercise DVDs - which is rather shameful BUT I need to remember that this is the start of my life change; so now I have goals!

felt fed up :(

That said I did manage to walk 10K steps, and then some, every day this week; to say I'm chuffed to bits with myself would be an understatement. My hips and knees hurt, and I managed to get two blisters but I kept at it!!


Ok, Ok, stop waffling and give us the lb loss I here you screaming (whoops still just me, lol) 
drum roll pls......

Drum Roll.....

4.5lbs, yes!  thats a total of 7.5lbs!!
I did move my butt lots more than usual this week, plus I got more into the food/portion aspect! 
I also worked out my end goal: I want to lose 110lbs

 7.5lbs vs 102.5lbs   

I have a GOAL!!!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Life back to normal...... almost

So, this week I went back to work post Fcon16 and a family incident, both big stressors where I would normally stuff myself silly! Instead I took the opportunity to change my life, hopefully for good!

That said it was still a traumatic week; with two family members suffering health issues with lots of hospital visits and then I found myself back at work for Long Days (LD) on Thursday and today - thats 13hr shifts with just a packed lunch!

HUGE temptations and excuses to eat at work!
Biscuits, chocolates, bacon sandwiches, sugar laden coffee drinks and mega stresses.

Apart from a slight slip up on the Thursday morning, all accounted for in the calories over the day, I have managed my way through these two days, with lessons.

The first one to work on is planning more in my "lunch" box, which is actually my breakfast, lunch & dinner box to prevent me snacking on naughty things and stay within my calorie allowance.

Secondly, to actually plan little "treats" through the day, be that a zero can of pop or a low cal biscuit!

Now I know this is an expensive way to buy biscuits (and these are NOT lowcal) but until I have some self discipline these are perfect! just two biscuits per little packet!   

I have also changed from having a "big" dinner when I get home to just having a huge bowl of veggie soup instead; so far its been very satisfying and has minimal calories!! (win/win)

So onwards to the weekend, usually I work but I have this one off, so Hubby and I are planning on going dancing (planning, he may not be up to it!) 

See you guys (ok, just me!) on Monday for 2nd weigh in - gulp!!

Monday, 3 October 2016

1st Weigh IN! gulp 1/50

First weigh in: - (yes MINUS) 3lbs


Well, I hear you say, that's not much for a first week weigh in! Ok, ok, I thought that myself, but then I remembered I have been on a "diet" for the most of this year/life, so my body is used to the reduced calories. However, this week I can proudly say I have stayed bang on my "allowance" 5 out of 7 days! That's pretty amazing for this little Fat Fox.

Moving forward this week I want to make that 6 out of 7. Now, in black & white so has to be done!

Last night I made a humongous pan of veggie soup, mushed it all up, added chili and its now in 500ml tubs in the fridge ready for those craving moments.  

Cravings..... oh yes, aWHOLEnother subject matter, one for a later post/rant. 

gimme gimme gimme

well, that's the first weigh in over with, I'm now on a count down to next Fcon (Fantasy Convention) so 1/50 done.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

A New Beginning.....

And so it begins.....
My catalyst for starting this blog?  I got home from Fcon#16 with a sad face and a heavy heart. 

rounder and rounder

I had not pigged out over the weekend (mostly due to the lack of available food!), but I had shied away from every camera pointed my way. Now this is not a new thing :(
Sadly big chunks of my life are "missing" as apparently I was never there!  Holidays, family get togethers, school reunions and days out..... I am always the one who takes the photo, never the one in front of the lens having fun!

cute, but fat!
I wasn't always big, in fact I was a cute teenager, a sexy 20something, and even into my 30s I was considered cuddly but cute, sadly my food demons (probably discussed later sometime) and "life" have got the better of me and here I am heading for 50 - unfit, very fat and definitely unhappy with myself.

food food food!
SOOOOO, what has changed you ask! (well, I ask myself actually as this blog seem rhetorical at this point in time as its only ME here!) 
Well lots, but nothing I feel comfy talking about in the open just yet (watch this space)
BUT I do know I have to change..... my eating, my exercise, my inner voice, etc etc
I have a diet/exercise pompom cheer leading King, who will check in on me every week post weighing in; so now I can't let them down. 
My Hero! and conscience! 
So in this public arena, for all to see (who wish too!) I am going to weigh each week (Monday), maybe post a picture every once in a while, put up a receipe that I have found and loved/loathed for the week and try to just waffle on and do some cathartic therapy!

Will it work, I hope so - will it be pleasant, I doubt it!