Monday, 28 November 2016

Weigh in No.9......

Its been an odd week; ups, downs, side ons and a general higglydepiggle of emotions. 

After last weeks lack of loss I thought I was ready for it..... but cravings come with a vengence and I am having to relearn the difference between mouth hungry, boredom and actual hunger.

So am really pleased with my weight loss of 1.5lbs this week but know I can do better!!

onwards and downwards...... woooooo to the 10th week!!

22.5 vs 87.5

Monday, 21 November 2016

8th weigh in..... and breathe

So this blog post sees my 2 month mark.... and its good and bad news!
Having had two weeks off with a staycation that involved moving my entire lounge and kitchen into a small conservatory and larder (a large game of tetris basically), new carpet being laid throughout and then moving it all back..... with assosciated cleaning, cuts, bruises and arguments!  It has been a tiring week.....

Today I go back to work on night shifts, I feel more controlled food wise on a night shift, less temptation and I usually sleep the whole time I am home!!

This weeks food choices have not been great :(   moving, cleaning, sorting junk and storing has not made for easy cooking, and (no excuse) planning. So we have eaten out, grabbed junk and generally been a bit lax.

Add into the mix I have been too physcially tired to go for a walk or do the demented chicken dance and my fit bit has seen better days :(

BUT my body and brain have enjoyed the little blow out but I am so ready for planning and healthy food again!! 

I KNOW!!!!

So, my weight loss this week is  ZERO!
But thats ok, I have enjoyed my pig out and my body has had a relax. Back on plan this morning!!

21 vs 89

Monday, 14 November 2016

7th Weigh In..... in shock

Its been a rough week, had a few really down moments and a few surprises. 

I lost a valued friend this week, normally this would have sent me into a tail spin, but I expressed my hurt in exercise instead, it was actually quite cathartic.

We have been moving our house around this week too, we have a new carpet coming, who ever had that bright idea of  doing the lounge, hallway, stairs and kitchen ALL at once needs shooting !!

The house is in turmoil and I cant get to the freezer, nor am I "alive" enough to cook..... 

With that in mind we went to the local cafe for a brunch and little piggies that we are, we ordered the Big Breakfast! two of everything basically!

I only managed to eat half!! and not even that as was bloated, I knew to stop at that point, normally I would carry on for either the taste, not wanting to waste food or my personal favourite "I may never eat again"...... 

BUT something seems to have worked....

I lost 3.5lbs!!

21  vs 89

Monday, 7 November 2016

6th weigh in...... trust is the issue

At the start of this week I was all ready, pumped even, post Halloween weekend pig out to start a fresh and so glad I had even lost weight.

However, come Wedensday I thought I would have a cheeky step on the scales only to be horrified to say it had gone up by 5lbs!!!

This is it, I thought.... pay back for the weekend and now the slipperly slope to stopping weight loss.

All day Wedensday I felt dispondant and try as I may to stick to my calorie count I found myself comfort eating and then angry eating.... 

Thursday and Friday were pretty much the same, but I also pushed myself to walk like a demon and even put on my headphones and danced like a demented chicken in my darkned room where no one could see me....

THAT felt good, because on Saturday morning I woke up, refreshed and ready to rock!!  I walked my "charity" dog (The Cinnamon Trust) and felt SO darn good about things that I made fresh soup, walked into town (twice!) and really enjoyed eating planned food. 

I was prepared this morning to still see a slight gain, prayed to the diet demons for even a maintain - imagine my surprise to see a LOSS!!! 

I lost 3lbs this week!

I can only think that the Wedensday sneeky weigh in was a glitch! so, I have learnt my lesson! no more mid week weigh ins!

Onwards and Downwards!

                              17.5 vs 92.5